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Não Aceita - Parte Cinza, The Alchemists (3) - The Alchemists & Parte Cinza - Split (Cassette, Album)




  1. Voodoojinn said:
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  2. Sakree said:
    He was known to send large annual donations of gold to the Christian Church there thus attracting the attention of the Arab king, Khalid, whom he initiated into the secrets of Alchemy (3). Geber (8th century) and Avicena (10th century) were alchemists and physicians .
  3. Vusho said:
    As expected of a trial for Alchemists. Sungchul glanced over the ingredients on the table. There was some grass, a rock, a vial of water, some pieces of a shell, and other tedious bits of junk. He was at a loss regarding what he should do with the ingredients in front of him.
  4. Fegar said:
    Supposedly years old, the alchemist is a mysterious character and an extremely powerful practitioner of alchemy who resides at the Al-Fayoum oasis. Many in Al-Fayoum do not know of his existence, and even the tribal chieftains must request an audience if they wish to see him. He has among his.
  5. Zujas said:
    3. Santiago falls in love with Fatima on the way to Al-Fayoum, but eventually leaves her to continue his quest. 4. Santiago turns into wind and frightens some Arab soldiers who attempt to capture him and his party. 5. Santiago meets the alchemist, who demonstrates his power with the philosopher's stone. 6.
  6. Tagami said:
    The Englishman explains that the pursuit of the Master Work, in which alchemists spend years carefully studying and purifying metals, actually purifies the alchemists themselves. Self-development goes hand-in-hand with development of the Master Work. From this, Santiago realizes that one may pursue “an alchemy of life,” in which self.
  7. Gardagami said:
    The goal of the alchemists, who practiced from AD, was to transmute common elements (like lead) into gold. Because there were seven known heavenly bodies, the alchemists believed that there were seven "base elements." The alchemists used symbols to identify elements, and made many important discoveries which led to the development of the modern science of chemistry.
  8. Mora said:
    changing of the unrefined lead into a pure gold bar. Alchemists aspired to reach the heights of being able to change lead into gold. This is a clear illustration of one of the goals alchemists wanted. They also wanted to find the elixir of life. I feel like this illustration realistically portrays the goals of alchemy.

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