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God Is Knocking At Your Hearts Door




  1. Goltijind said:
    Oct 26,  · The door clearly represents the door of someone’s life. This person has never invited Jesus to come into his or her life. Jesus is standing at the door and knocking. He is awaiting a response. He wants to come in and be part of that person’s life.” The door in this painting doesn’t appear to have a handle on the outside.
  2. Terisar said:
    But Peter continued knocking; and when they had opened the door, they saw him and were amazed. Revelation Verse Concepts. revelation Guests Communion With God Abiding In Christ Opening To Others Invitations Indwelling Of Christ Forgetting God Hearing Christ Hospitality, A Duty Of God.
  3. Malakree said:
    Oct 26,  · * the crucified knocking on the door of those who crucified him. dear friend in all the world, there is not a more beautiful picture than this of the lord jesus knocking at the hearts door. let me say as we get into the message today, jesus is still knocking at the hearts of the lost and those who are off into a life of sin.
  4. Akill said:
    I am the LORD your God.” We shouldn’t give anything more praise than we give God. There should be nothing or no one else that holds the number one place in our hearts. 4. It’s time to move on. Sometimes a closed door is God’s way of pushing us into greater things.
  5. Akinokora said:
    Jul 18,  · “Look i am knocking on a door, a person whom will open the door i will enter into him and stay unto him” Beloved do you want to stay with Jesus? please open your hearts door so he will get unto you and stay with you forever. Everything will be alright when Jesus is unto you! please do not waste your time, get in touch with him today!
  6. Gardalmaran said:
    He’s been knocking at the door of your heart, bearing the gift of His love, but you haven’t welcomed Him in. In fact, instead of utilizing any free time to get to know God or be with Him, we prefer to spend our time socializing & gossiping with our friends; or seeking out some pleasure in external things.
  7. Sacage said:
    God Searching Hearts God Knowing the Human Heart Searching Jesus Christ, Omniscience Of God Killing Man's Thoughts And I will kill her children with pestilence, and all the churches will know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts; and I will give to each one of you according to your deeds.
  8. Samulabar said:
    Jul 28,  · Jesus is standing before the door of your heart this morning! He stands there knocking, so very gently and softly knocking, as He hopes to be invited into your heart and life. Some of us have heard His knock and have opened the door wide and invited Him to come into our hearts and Jesus has moved in with us to live forever.
  9. Vudogis said:
    In our daily frenzy, we do not hear the knocking God, who is waiting to “dine with us”. Eating with our loved ones is a way to spend quality time with them, and a time for us to hear their heart while pouring our own hearts out to theirs. This is what God desires; this is what it means to abide in Him.

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